Daily Slim and Trim complete nutrition and exercise plan
delivered to you

Every day one of our health and fitness team will deliver a 24 hour menu to you and take you through your personal training session which is tailored to your lifestyle.

Menu Plans
After you complete your questionnaire, we email you weekly menu plans to ensure that you are happy with the nutritionist’s recommendation. If any of the meals do not appeal we will change them to something different.

The daily menus are around 1200 calories, but are designed using the benefits of Thermic Index of food.

The effect of calories on our weight is not equal from all foods. Foods with a high Thermic Index are foods which require a high percentage of their own energy (calories) to be digested. The higher the Thermic Index, the more you can eat without gaining weight.

The Find menu plans are both abundant and satisfying.

Sample day
On rising: Cold pressed juice and super powders and 2 litre bottle of water to be consumed in 24 hour period

Breakfast: 3 x eggs, spinach and seaweed pot

Mid-morning: Choice of Herbal tea and Almond snack pot

Lunch: Sesame chicken salad and low carb noodles

Mid afternoon: Choice of Herbal tea and raw chocolate lentil cake

Evening: Miso soup, Steak and vegetable curry with brown rice, Home-made Fruit and yoghurt pot

All dishes are prepared freshly each day, using the best organic and where possible, locally sourced ingredients.

Personal Training
Your daily meal plan is delivered to your home or office by a personal trainer who will spend 30 minutes exercising with you.

The Find uses intense exercise techniques for both exertion and relaxation.

We adopt an intense form of Pilates using both reformers and vibration plates. We also use EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to intensify muscle and strength training.

If your schedule does not allow for a work out or you have spent time at the gym or exercising, our trainers will concentrate on intense stretch during your session. We use yoga techniques, breathing, infrared heat suits, compression and massage. This ensures that you are in peak physical condition to continue to exercise on a daily basis without any of the aches and pains or muscle fatigue often associated with new exercise regimes.

10 day Daily Slim and Trim £500 (recommended in order to lose one dress size)
30 day Daily Slim and Trim £1350 (recommended in order to lose two dress sizes)
50 day Daily Slim and Trim £2000 (recommended for substantial weight loss)

To order your Slim and Trim plan email info@the-find.co.uk and we will send your questionnaire so that we can start planning your menus. Or you can come for a consultation in Westbourne Grove W11, either email info@the-find.co.uk or call 07720846301 to organise your appointment.